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Who hasn't heard of the world-class fishing Alaska offers?  All types of trips are available, from luxury fishing camps with 5-star meals and executive chefs, to bare-bones, tent-style camps that barely keep you dry!  No matter what type of accomodation you prefer, fishing is what brings you to Alaska ... and excellence is what we offer!

King Salmon

King Salmon trips generally start at the end of May (depending on location), with the state-wide season closure occurring on July 13.  Kings are the largest of the Pacific Salmon and the first to run the rivers of Alaska.  Sizes range from 20 lbs up to about 65 lbs.  Some larger specimens have been caught - the state record is 97.25 lbs.  Sizes and catchable-numbers fluctuate between the various rivers.

Silver Salmon

The Silver Salmon season begins mid-July (again, depending upon location) and can continue until late-September.  Hold on to your rods! - on my best day a 72-year-old gentleman and myself landed 93 Silvers in three hours!  Sizes range from 9 lbs to 15 lbs.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon are also known as Red Salmon due to the bright redness of their flesh.  This feature makes the Sockeye the most sought-after in the commercial market.  Sockeyes typically run from mid-July through early-September and several rivers get two runs of these great fish.  Sockeyes are the least aggressive of all salmon species, but once you learn how to hook them, they are great fun on a fly rod.  Sockeye Salmon typically average between 6 lbs and 15 lbs.

Chum Salmon

Also known as the Dog Salmon, these fish are often the least sought-after for table fare, but what they lack in flavor they make up in fight.  They are very aggressive and closely rival the Silver in pound-for-pound fight.  These bright, camo-striped fish run mid-July until late-September and average 7 lbs to 12 lbs.

Rainbow Trout / Dolly Varden / Arctic Char / Grayling

These species can usually be caught at most lodges offering salmon fishing, but please ask before booking your trip.  Some lodges cater specifically to Rainbow fishermen.  Grab your fly rod and give me a call!

Northern Pike

Alaska has some of the top Northern Pike fishing in the world.  Fishing pressure is still very minimal and specimen up to 53" are occasionally caught.  Most lodges offer only catch-and-release to protect the species.  When conditions are right, fishing is non-stop.  Top this off with a day catching Sheefish (Tarpon of the North) and a day flying out for Salmon, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable trip!


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