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Spring Grizzly Bear Hunts:  These hunts take place in April to mid-May depending on the area hunted.  Hunts are usually conducted utilizing snow machines and ski-equipped super cubs, allowing hunters to travel large distances looking for tracks in the snow.

Fall Grizzly Bear Hunts:  The season for this hunt is early-September through mid-October, depending on location.  Bears are usually hunted over berry patches, fresh kills, or salmon streams in some areas.

Grizzly Bears are a great single-species hunt, and fall hunts can have other animals added to create an exceptional multi-species hunt.  Depending upon the area and time of year, Grizzly Bear hunts can be upgraded to include Dall Sheep, Moose, Caribou, and Black Bear.

Grizzly Bear sizes vary by location hunted.  Arctic bears from the Brooks Range are typically 6½-foot squared to 8-foot squared.  However, some interior Grizzlies which have a salmon-rich diet like the Brown Bears, may achieve the 9-foot squared mark.

No matter in what part of the state you hunt, Grizzly Bears are a thrilling animal to pursue!

Alaska Grizzly Bear Images

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