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Hunting in Alaska for Moose, the largest of the deer family, is not for the faint-of-heart.  Alaskan Moose are found in the swamps, so don't forget to bring your hip-boots, as they are a must!

Moose can be hunted in a variety of ways, although I recommend these two preferred methods.  The first method is "spike hunting," in which the outfitter flies you and your guide to a remote camp to spot and stalk.  These areas are often accessible only by super cub.  The second method I recommend is "float hunting," by which you take your camp to a new location each night.  Calling along the rivers as you float is an excellent way to locate and ambush monster Moose.

Legal Moose in Alaska must be a minimum of 50" wide, but the outfitters with whom I contract have a camp legal of 60".  Moose can be hunted as a single species or can be included in a multi-species hunt.


Though not the smartest animal in Alaska, Caribou are truly one of the most popular to hunt.  Barren Ground Caribou are the species found in Alaska, although there are different individual herds throughout the state, with each herd carrying its unique characteristics.

Caribou hunting typically starts in early-August and trophies still in velvet can be taken until mid-August.  Most areas have an open season until late October and two trophies can be taken in many areas.

This is a great hunt for a family group - father, mother, son and daughter.  Although it is possible, you shouldn't expect to see thousands of animals each day.  Typically you will see between 50 and 200 Caribou per day, depending upon when and where you hunt.

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