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Our duck program is located a scenic 3-hour drive from the international airport of Buenos Aires at our lodge called "La Ballena."  We receive our hunters at the international airport, assist them with guns and customs clearance, then transport them to our lodge.  We use vans and 4x4 vehicles for ground transport.

"La Ballena" is located in the heart of a picturesque ranch and has 5 bedrooms each with a bathroom.  Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality service.  While our guest, our chef will delight your palate, offering a wide variety of international dishes and world-famous Argentine wines.  All meals and beverages, including alcohol, are included with your hunting package -- first-quality and generously served!

This area, sowed with cereals and surrounded by inlets and lagoons, is an important habitat for 8 species of ducks and 2 species of geese.  Thousands of acres in this area have suffered great floods over the past 10 years, creating a perfect breeding-ground from which the birds never need to migrate.  A true water-fowler's paradise!

The regular take per hunter is between 30 and 50 ducks per day and 10 geese per day.  An "unlimited" duck hunt can be purchased by the serious shooter.  Shooting begins at daybreak and continues until 11 am.  We return to the lodge for lunch and rest, then back to the fields at 4 pm for more shooting until nightfall.  Every spot has decoys and a bird-boy to assist with all aspects of the hunt, including calling.  For the exclusive hunt of ducks and geese, our package price includes boots, waders, boats, decoys, and all other required equipment.

For the non-hunter, horseback riding, sightseeing at several ranches, and shopping are available to round-out the perfect stay at "La Ballena."

Hunting season for ducks and geese extends from April 15 to August 1.  For an afternoon change-of-pace, upland Perdiz hunting is also available.


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