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Our lodge in Santiago del Estera Province is called "Las Lomitas."  Located approximately 30 minutes outside the city of Santiago del Estera, the lodge was newly-constructed in 2008.  It features 4 separate bedrooms each with private bath, and sleeps a maximum of 12 guests.  All meals are prepared by our in-house staff and can be tailored to suit your preferences.  You can shoot doves right off the back porch at certain times of the year!  Horseback riding, golf, sightseeing, and shopping can be arranged for the non-hunting companions in your group.

A unique feature of our lodge in Santiago del Estera is the diversity of species available for hunting.  From one lodge you can hunt high-volume doves, pigeons, ducks, and perdiz.  From August until December, fly fishing for Golden Dorado is only a short drive away.  Weighing as much as 38 pounds, the Golden Dorado is one of the strongest fighting fish in the world, not to mention pretty tasty to eat!  No where else in Argentina can you find this unique combination of sporting challenges.

As in Cordoba, there is no limit to the number of doves a hunter can harvest in one day.  It is not uncommon for a hunter to fire between 1,000 and 1,500 shots per day.  The number of shots fired usually depends more upon the shooter's physical ability than the number of birds.

For the serious pigeon shooter, Santiago del Estera has some of the finest and untapped pigeon shooting left in Argentina.  Limits are set at 100 per session and makes a welcomed break from shooting high-volume dove.

After your morning hunt session, field lunches are prepared by our chefs, who offer varied and delightful menus including the freshest local ingredients, famous Argentine beef Gaucho-style, vegetables, and fruit.  Fine wine, beer, sodas, and bottled water are provided at all meals and are included in your trip.

Every hunter is assisted by an experienced bird boy, who will load your gun, point out incoming birds, and generally assist you with any needs during the hunt.


The hunting area in Santiago del Estera has a subtropical climate with daytime temperatures ranging between 50°F and 70°F during winter (June, July, and August), and colder night temperatures falling to around 25°F.  Autumn and spring daytime temperatures range between 50°F and 80°F, with night temperatures falling to around 32°F.  Summer (December, January, and February) temperatures are often around 100°F with frequent rains.


It is possible to hunt doves and pigeons year-round In Santiago del Estera.  Pigeons can be hunted as a combination with both high-volume doves or duck, or simply on their own.  Duck hunting in Santiago del Estera takes place from late-April until mid-August.  Hunting is by ambush hunting or pass shooting in both marshes and lakes.  Ducks can be hunted in combination with high-volume doves, pigeons, or perdiz.

Perdiz hunting takes place using pointers, and makes a great afternoon shoot following a morning duck hunt.  The season dates are identical to duck season, from late-April until mid-August.

Golden Dorado fishing at Santiago del Estera runs from August until December and can be added to all wing-shooting programs.

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