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Hunting Area

Your hunt will take place in the Province of La Pampa, about 600 km (960 miles) from Buenos Aires.  As one of the most arid and wild areas of Argentina, La Pampa is an ideal hunting region for Red Stag, Puma, and Wild Boar.


Our country-style lodge has four double-rooms all with private bathrooms, a great dining area, and a lounge where hunters may relax and enjoy an after-dinner drink.  All services are catered to insure hunters take full advantage of their hunt and stay.


All transfers are done in our latest 4-wheel drive vehicles.  We take care of all transport to and from airports in Buenos Aires.  As our guest, you will be accompanied by our staff at all times for the duration of your hunt, from the moment you arrive until your departure.


The Province of La Pampa has a wide array of weather conditions.  In the summer months (Dec 21 - March 20) temperatures can rise above 35°C (95°F).  In fall (March 21 - June 20) the temperature is still a warm 28°C (82°F) during the day, falling to 8°C (46°F) in the evening, making this time period favorable favorable for the hunt.  In winter (June 21 - Sept 20) temperatures are around 5°C (41°F) in the morning and 8°C (46°F) during the day.  Spring (Sept 21 - Dec 20) is more variable, with a maximum of about 20°C (68°F) during the day, falling to 12°C (54°F) at night.


Hunting seaons are as follows:

Red Stag March to May
Puma March to September
Wild Boar
Year Around
Scottish Black Face Year Around
Four-Horn Ram Year Around
Wild Goat Year Around

Red Stag Program

This program takes place in the Province of La Pampa.  Our hunting area has 15,000 hectares of century-old scrublands where the Red Stag lives among Wild Boar, Puma and different types of Ram.  In this area, animals wander wild and free in their natural environment.  No doubt this is one of the most exciting hunts you can do in Argentina, and it is quite common for hunters to harvest more than one Red Stag trophy.

The staking and hunt take place very early in the morning, before dawn.  Strategically located, we will listen for the stags to bellow.  When dawn breaks, we approach the animal and assess its size to determine if it is a worthy trophy.  Close to noon we return to the lodge to enjoy a hearty meal, rest for only a while, and start the ritual once again in the afternoon.

Puma Program

The expansive scrub-lands of La Pampa are an ideal habitat for the Puma.  One of the largest cats in America, this is an excellent trophy, hunted both day and night.  Night-time hunting is done waiting in ambush at watering holes.  The day-time method consists of a professional hunter and several "gauchos" with dogs following trails found by local countrymen.  Depending upon the terrain, scouting may be done on horseback or on foot.  A truly thrilling hunt!

Wild Boar Program

Our outfitter maintains over 20 active bait stations where Wild Boar go every night for feeding.  It is common to hunt more than one trophy on a single night.  A great hunt, especially when combined with a Red Stag or Puma hunt.



Hunting Area

Entre Rios Province is located approximately 450 miles north of Buenos Aires.  Known for its numerous rivers and large swampy wetlands, this area is ideal habitat for our Water Buffalo Program and Axis Deer Program.


Our country style home has 3 double rooms each with a private bathroom, a great dining area, and a lounge room where hunters may relax and tell the tale of the day's hunt.  All services are catered for to assure you take full advantage of your hunt and stay.

Water Buffalo Program

The Water Buffalo is the largest big-game animal in Argentina.  Brought over in the 1970s to help with farmlands, it has become a prized trophy for hunters.  Buffalo roam wild and free in the swamps, and scouting the area to get close enough to the Buffalo is a tough job.  Hunting is at times done on horseback, with final stalks being made on-foot.  Wild Boar also roam the swamps and can be an added trophy to your Buffalo hunt.  Water Buffalo have no closed season for hunting.

Axis Deer Program

The immensity of the scrublands in Entre Rios and the thick, impenetrable brushlands make this area an ideal breeding ground for Axis Deer.  This species, originally from India, arrived in Argentina in the 1950s and has become an all-time favorite for hunters.  Hunting takes place at dawn and dusk near feeding places.  Scouting takes place amidst the thick mountain vegetation.  With its unique and gracious beauty, the Axis Deer is a must when it comes to trophy hunting in Argentina.  Axis Deer have no closed season.


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