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Our Cordoba Province lodge, called "Las Araucarias," is located in the small town of San Javier just over the Sierra de Cordoba Mountains.  Transportation to the lodge is provided by our 13-passenger Mercedes Benz van service from the Cordoba airport or by charter flight from Buenos Aires.  This European-styled house, built around the 20th century, has all the comforts our guests may need, while maintaining its original charming architecture.  It has six large rooms each accomodating two guests, with private baths, a great dining room, and lounge room where you may enjoy an after-dinner drink and reminisce over the day's hunt.

In our three-hectare facility you will find a swimming pool where, after a great day's hunt, you may enjoy a cool summer splash.  Only some minutes away, there is unique nine-hole golf green and a tennis court, where those accompanying hunters may spend the day during their stay.  Horseback riding is also available.  Most importantly, our famous hunting grounds are only a short 30-minute ride from the lodge.


The shooting ground of this program is the Traslasierra Valley at the Province of Cordoba.  Surrounded by high mountains, farmers grow sunflower, corn, peanuts, sorghum, and other crops, making this area the ideal habitat for doves and pigeons to breed and nest.  Doves in Argentina typically nest 3 times per year, and can nest as many as 5 times per year.  This factor, as well as the large volumes of grain production, creates a paradise for doves and pigeons, and a plague causing great losses for farmers.

Our high volume dove package offers the chance to hunt these birds with no limit, and it is typical for hunters to shoot between 1,000 and 1,500 rounds per day.

Shooting starts early in the morning, when birds come out of the roost and fly towards the fields for feeding.  At noon we stop to have lunch outdoors in the countryside, where you will get superb service and taste our world-reknown beef and fine wines or ice-cold beer.  After lunch, the hunt continues until late afternoon when we return to the lodge to enjoy a pleasant dinner and turn-in to prepare for the next day in the fields.

Every hunter will be accompanied by a bird-boy to reload the guns and give assistance during the entire hunt.  You will frequently be visited at your shooting spot by our staff to see if you need any assistance and to resupply with ammunition.


Traslasierra Valley has its own microclimate with very stable, non-extreme weather conditions throughout the year.  These temperature conditions make our programs open year-'round.  It must be taken into account that this area is very dry with scarce rain.  Sometimes periods of over 7 month can pass by without a single drop.


Due to the number of birds that exist in this area and their permanent breeding, hunting season runs all year.  Hunters are at all times accompanied by a member of our staff, from their arrival to departure.


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